Who we are
Agio Global working together

Who we are

ACTIVEX is an Information Technology and Consultancy company composed by a professional team whose goals are in line with those of our clients in a competitive and flexible manner.

ACTIVEX will guarantee success, quality and results.

Our broad experience in different sectors as well as our flexible work and management model allow us to offer our clients accurate, innovative and professional high-quality services.

“Our Distinct Value. . .

In contrast to high fixed cost companies, our flexible corporate structure allows us to be competitive with respect to price and quality.

  • We define a global and comprehensive strategy leading our client’s boat to a safe harbor.
  • We integrate our teams with those of the client offering relevant services without an increase in cost.
  • We are proactive, committed, swift and quality oriented.
  • We strive for maximum cost-efficiency. Why should the best be more expensive?
. . . is our customers’ peace of mind”